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Shoot the youth.. [30 Jul 2007|01:53pm]
I would describe the face you're in
I'm always desperate to give in
I'll pack the grocer in his store
He gave me space, he gave me more
For what I could kill in a glance
You hold the gun to shoot your friends

Breathe the air
There's noone there

Why'd you destroy
The birds that I fly
Would you adore
My terminate lie
I Stumble the stairs
To figure out why

Won't you see the hard I try?

I could deny what I eject
Shivering smiles kill my intellect -the bruises attract
Sign for a double fixture truth -I have read
Our underestimated youth

Mind the step
Or jump the gap

Why'd you regret
The faults that are mine
Would you ignore
My innocent lies
I'm driving you far
But you pass me by

Won't you see the hard I try?
3 touched the Stars.

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